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tv   MSNBC Live  MSNBC  July 15, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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nice. you're an american hero, are you going to go to a venue again? >> yeah. can't let them win. can't let the terrorists win. brian williams with you here from new york. one of the most beautiful stretches of coastline anywhere in the world. the promenade that goes along the mediterranean in that beautiful city last night of course, after the fireworks turned into bedlam and we now know, we knew more with the first light in nice and we know with the passage of several hours as we look at video of that white refrigerated truck as it made it's way down over the prompter which was closed to vehicular traffic. the death toll stands at 84, 202 injured, 52 of those critical,
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and of course some would say the saddest part is the loss of lifelong children, ten of the dead said to be children and teenagers. we now know who the suspect was and french authorities are telling us by all accounts, they believe he acted alone. journalist chris dickey was reporting in the last hour that people in his neighborhood just described him as more or less a small-time criminal and a thug. we can see the extent of the gunfire as they move the truck out of the scene. and this is the first photo available of this suspect in the nice, france, terrorist attack last night. in this country, we are expecting the white house briefing this hour. and when they go into this subject, we hope to be able to dip into that coverage and here the briefing from josherne erne. the flag at the top of the white house has been lowered by order
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of the president. and in keeping with custom, we will usually see the same thing happen in realtime among the ring of flags at the base of the washington monument there in the far distance. same with the flags over the capitol and all u.s. territories and properties. we have also been saying that this is one prong of the two major stories we've been covering over these past 24 hours. the other being presidential politics. it having been confirmed this morning that mike pence, the governor of indiana will indeed run with donald trump. all of this gearing up toward next week's gop convention in cleveland. that's where we find my colleague craig melvin to handle the political coverage at this hour, craig. >> reporter: brian, good afternoon to you. we will have much more on what that pence choice means. most political experts consider it a nod to the base. he is a socially conservative, first-term governor fwr indiana.
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we'll talk about that. i also just had a conversation with one of the deputies in charge of security here in cleveland, he tells me that in light of what's happened there in nice, they are ramping up security here. we can expect some enhancements to what was previously announced. additional uniformed officers, we can also expect more vehicle checks as well here in cleveland ahead of the republican national convention, which of course set to get under way here on sunday. more on that again in just a moment, but for more on the tragedy overseas, i'll send it back to you. >> craig thanks. and last night for anyone who was with our coverage in the early hours of this, we heard from correspondent janet khanly who started fin nine or ten miles outside of nice there on a family trip and then made her way not only into nice, but into the area where the attack culminated. kind of came to a halt, janet is with us again today from nice.
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janet. >> reporter: brian, 7:00 in the here in nice. it's been a surreal 18 or whatever it has been hours. i want to bring you up to date on some of the latest information we have. you talked about the suspect, mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel. he's 31 years old. important to note that he's tunisian, not a french national as previously reported. authorities saying he drove that truck 70 miles an hour for a mile and a half. and mowed down all of those people here on this promenade for an annual celebration for as innocent as it comes. the fireworks on their version of our fourth of july. they're independence day, or best deal day as it's referred to. the gunman's wife is currently under arrest. we don't know about the charges at this time. you went through the list of the dead, 84, that includes two texans, two americans.
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sean copeland and his 11-year-old son, brodie copeland. they were here with other family members, as part of a three-prong trip. they went running with the bulls in spain as well. and the other family members are still here right now. sean's two brothers are on their way along with the representative of the state department. sadly, to bring everyone home. not the way the family had hoped. as you mention the truck had been moved. i want to give you a little look around here. we were here in the middle of the night talking to you and people were in shock and now they are just don't know what to do. take a look at the crowds that are still gathered out here. they've been out here a good part of the day. and if you look behind me there, that is the white fencing where the crime scene is an active investigation and to the left, you see the world's media that has gathered here. and as i talk to you, i hear spanish, i hear french, i hear
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italian. so reflective, and i hear english, reflective of the nationality us of the people who were here for a very, what used to be innocent celebration. a soft target. a place where people were coming to celebrate. brian, right now that's the latest from here we believe that this promenade decembs anglais be shut down. >> where does life go? you mention at this time of year car rentals are impossible, hotel rooms are impossible to come by, but this has, of course, drained that vibrant life out of that stretch of shoreline. >> reporter: people couldn't check out of my hotel fast enough this morning. there was a line. none of them had planned to, according to the hotel representatives. but they were going home. you know, and i will say,
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probably 80% of them were with children. they were checking out. i imagine that it is not hard to find a hotel room here now. and this isn't just bastille day, usually, you know, it's -- well for this particular weekend because it fell on a thursday, it had become -- it was going to be a big four-day weekend celebration. this is high season in south of france. this is where the shopkeepers earn their money that pretty much keeps them going the rest of the year. it's taking a hit to the psyche of this city because it happened on the day that they celebrate their independence, they're fraternity, liberty, equality, what they treasure most. so it's a psychological hit as well as a devastating one to humanity here. >> the values of the tricolor french flag with apologies for the long satellite delay because of the demands on communications. our thanks to janet and especially giving us the situation there along the water
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front. this man with us for so much of last night's coverage has more on what we know about this suspect, damon. >> yeah, brian, we've gotten some pieces of information, most importantly from french officials including the french ambassador here to the united states telling our colleague andrea mitchell that the profile of the attacker is that of a petty criminal. he has now been identified, 31-year-old mohamed lahouaiej bouhlel. that is the man that authorities say carried out this deadly attack. he is as you mentioned, brian, a french resident of tunisian decent. he had french residency status. green card or permanent residency status here in the united states though he was not a french citizen. now according to a tunisia senior security official, his name was passed along to the tunisia intelligence authorities. they have been questioning his family in tunisia. they are also looking into whether or not the family had any recent contacts that could
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have been an alarm bell for this attack. but the image, or the profile that we are learning from the french officials and certainly from some of the neighbors who have been talking to reporters and others is that he was a loaner. he had gone through a divorce. had some financial problems. someone that was described as a-religious, not showing any signs of extremism or radicalism in the recent days and weeks they they had interactions with him. more interestingly, brian, the prosecutor that talked a short while ago said that they were not aware of this individual on any intelligence radar lists. meaning that he was not known to intelligence agencies, and that's a very important point to make early on in an investigation. they also emphasize that they have so far, found no links to isis as a credible terrorist link. that doesn't mean that he was not self-radicalized, but they are not finding any connection
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between bouhlel and isis or any other terrorist organization for that matter, but the intelligence point, that's going to be critical. because french officials over the past several months have been really beefing up their data base of individuals they have had under surveillance and have been trying to beef up their tracking of foreign nationals that have gone to turkey than ultimately syria and iraq. and the indication is that his name and his background has not popped up on any of those watch lists that they have had in place for the past several months, brian. >> all right, damon, stand by there for one moment. we want to show folks the -- we're within the period of the two-minute warning for the white house briefing to hear from press secretary josh ernest, and before we do, amon, since we spent so many hours on the air last night, talking, theorizing about this, having said all that you just did about what is known, especially from official
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document, what do you make of this guy? >> it seems right now that the initial assessment from what we saw nearly this hours ago and what we're marrying now from french officials we have to go through his background is that this individual may not have been part of a terrorist organization specifically isis or perhaps even al qaeda. what is emerging from the profile that we are getting, based again on french officials as well as that of neighbors who are painting this picture for us, is that this individual, as described once again, a petty criminal. he had a suspended sentence for violence that he was supposed to serve. he did not serve it according to to the french ambassador. it was not clear if he was going to serve that. we don't know what the nature of that charge was, but it was being describinged as criminal as opposed to terrorism-related. in addition to that, the fact that he was not on any european watch lists, you're row poll lists, travel bans, would suggest again that he was not an individual that had reached a high level of concern for those
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officials. that in itself, brian, will open further questions down the road, mental capabilities, psychological capabilities, but for now, slightly different than what the initial assessment was 24 hours ago. >> amon, thank you. back into the briefing room we go. the backdrop familiar to most americans, the door on the left, josh erinst will come in, this won't be the first comment obviously from the white house, it'll be the latest comment from the white house on just what we have witnessed in france and i'm sure reporters will try to get a political comment or two about the development now confirmed that mike pence will run as the running mate with donald trump. when we have believe we have had enough of the comment from the white house briefing room, we'll go on with our coverage here and standing by to talk to us is
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evalyn farcus, former deputy assistant secretary of defense. welcome to you and forgive me that i have to keep one eye on that venue and one eye here. >> that's fine. >> if i were to appoint you head of the investigation, is there anything you see with your educated eye as you look that doesn't appear to be a priority? anything you would key in on? >> i mean i think one of the issues is the police work and how many police did they have there? what were their tactics, techniques, and procedures, we need to think about this across the board globally. the use of police dogs, we've seen that in the united states. we use them extensively, we know they've been brought into the scene in the airports in europe, but were they using them in this kind of venue? and my son says they were probably the french very well equipped to deal with for example the soccer game that just occurred, the european
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soccer tournament. and maybe they weren't quite as prepared here in nice. so that's obviously something to look at. that's not really my expertise, necessarily, i'm not a police investigator, but i think the community and what the community was doing to prepare is important. because you can't get it all with sbenls, obviously, especially when you're talking about the disgruntled, lone wolf. >> i hate to cut you off. we'll go into the briefing room where josh ernest is reporting that the president spoke with the president of france. >> any assistance that they need to conduct their investigation and take steps to try to prevent something like this from happening again. the president's top counterterrorism advisor had an opportunity to tell about her counterpart today. i know secretary of defense ash carter has been in touch with his french counterpart today. secretary of homeland security jeh johnson has been in touch with french ambassador to the united states today. and i can tell you that a range
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of the u.s. officials and law enforcement and the intelligence community and at a variety of homeland security agencies have been in touch with their french counterparts to discussion the situation and to pledge cooperation. this is obviously something that the u.s. government will be monitoring closely in the days ahead. and we'll be offering our strongest support to the people of france in this very difficult time. >> it's not something that we've seen before, or at least in recent terrorist attacks around the world. what kind of clues does that method -- what does it say about the attack? >> there's still much more that needs to be learned about this particular situation. there's more about this individual, that french authorities have identified as the perpetrator. there's more that needs to be learned about his background, about about other people that he
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may have associated with. anything that would provide some insight into how the attack was planned. how it was carried out. and whether or not he received any instruction or direction about doing so. so this is, we're in the early stages of the investigation, as french authorities begin to collect the information that could help answer those questions, they'll be able to rely on the strong support and the capabilities of the united states government. >> the guidance from the president and the u.s. government after other terrorist attacks has been that people shouldn't get into terrorists, they should go about their business, not make any changes in their lives. after -- there seems to be an attack every week or ten days or so, can they still continue to be the guidance or the message that's coming from the government when people are
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seeing this happen on such a regular basis? >> well, the -- let me answer that two different ways. i think the first thing is the kind of advisories that are issued by the federal government are consistent with the advisories that the federal government is offering to federal pleas, particularly u.s. citizens who are working in diplomatic facilities around the globe. and we believe it is good practice to ensure that the information that's being shared with federal employees to ensure their safety and security, it's important that we share that information with u.s. citizens as well so they can take appropriate precautions. those advisories, regularly encourage people to be vigilant, to be aware of their surroundings, and we certainly would encourage people to follow that advice. what's also true is that the united states government in an effort to protect the american
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people and to protect the interests of our allies around the world, expends significant resourc resources encountering extremists, fighting terrorism, and protecting the american people. and one element of that strategy is deepening our coordination with our allies, including our allies in france. so the president's determined to continue to do that work and in the days ahead, we'll see more of it. >> lastly on a different subject, do you have anything at all to say about donald trump's choice of indiana governor mike pence to be his running mate? he made it official today. >> the ttp supporting medicaiding supporting mike pence. >> is that what you want to call him? >> no, i don't have any comment. roberta. >> is there any information thus far that shows islamic state is responsible for the attack?
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>> french investigators are still looking very closely at what sort of connections this individual may have to extremists organizations. there've been no claims of responsibility that we have seen thus far. but we'll obviously look to that as potential clue. about what may have contributed to this particular terrorist attack. but at this point, it's too earl will toy draw any firm conclusions about who may -- whether or not this individual had ties to a broader terrorist network or was part of a broader terrorist conspiracy. >> the president's going to be speaking this afternoon, can you tell us a little bit about what he hopes to get across? >> the president had previously planned a primarily social gathering with diplomats from
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around the world who are based here in washington, d.c. this is something that the president and first lady have hosted here in the white house in the past. and i think it's an appropriate time for the president to speak to those diplomats about the resolve of the united states to working together with the rest of the international community to fight terrorism. and to fight extremism. this is not something that the united states will be able to do alone, and in fact we benefit significantly in our national security has greatly enhanced by our ability to cooperate and coordinate with our allies and partners around the world. that's what we've seen in the context of our counterisil campaign, 66 nations working together to destroy that terrorist organization. our efforts to cooperate have benefitted the united states in a variety of ways. that includes our efforts to reach an international agreement to prevent iran from obtaining a nuclear weapon. that includes our efforts to
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confront what our officials at the department of defense describe as a significant national security problem. which is climate change. and the united states did reach an agreement last december with 193 nations to take a coordinated approach to fighting carbon pollution and addressing climate change. these are all good examples of the way the national security of the united states and the day-to-day lives of the american people are enhanced by the strength of our alliances and partnerships around the world. >> after the paris attacks last year -- >> josh ernest at the white house. i think we heard for today the substance on nice and short and sweet as they might have been, the substance of his remarks on the selection of governor pence to run with donald trump. we were talking with evale
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evalen farkus. before our interruption, and please pardon the interruption, i asked you if you were in charge of the investigation. i also heard police officer from los angeles last night saying there are two very effective ways to stop a truck as a weapon. >> uh-huh. >> nothing more effective than placing another truck sideways in the tree mark this is a pedestrian area. there are select expensive and hard to use armorments that can take out an engine block, difficult, but possible. let's turn the page if i were appointing you as the person to figure out what to do after this -- >> uh-huh. >> what should people, how should people think about this? you heard the reporter kind of distill what we've all been thinking. there's one much these now, every seven to ten day us. people are just so sad and people are just so angry. >> and i think that the right
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reaction is of course to mourn the immediate attack and the losses, but i think the wrong reaction is to honker down too long. so fine, of course i can understand people are not in the mood to celebrate anymore. you know, don't make me speak french so they're going home and they're going to reflect and move on with their lives, but i think moving on with their lives is important in the sense that what the terrorists are trying to do is make us run around full of fear, make us look with one another, with a lot of distrust. i mean you heard newt gingrich's comments. i mean those are comments that come from completely un-american approach to how we deal with one another. and actually are the kind of reaction that the terrorists count on. because if we start poking fingers at, you know, devout muslims, who by the way as we just heard this guy was not one of. he's not part of that group, but if we start pointing fingers at devout muslims, that'll immediately cause a backlash and
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it'll cause a recruiting metsd, a recruiting message for the radical islamists. i think one thing we need to do is just keep on going as we're going. you know, what -- i hope the president will say is that we are standing up for our valleys together, all around the world. it is not just about europe and the united states. you know, frankly speaking, these terrorists threaten all of us. together we need to attack et problem. first of all, defensively at home, but then also frankly we need to take the fight everywhere these isis, radical islamists are seeking sanctuary everywhere they're operating. and then of course the ideology, but they gain legitimacy when they gain on the battlefield. now they're losing and hurting and trying to show that they're still relevant. that's why we need to take a multi-facetted approach. >> i'm told while we discuss this, we can show the pictures live of the nice cathedral,
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catholic service going on there. we've caught them during communion. this is obviously, obviously a sad and emotional day in the city of nice. the worst attack there in the modern era. there is no second place. you mentioned being -- i'll put words in your mouth, being vigilant here at home. this fits the definition of terrorism because you have people walking around this country today in our population centers, people on summer vacation, washington, new york, what have you, looking differently at traffic patterns. looking differently at the vehicles right next to them on the street. wondering is this going to be the day somebody jumps the curb? >> and i think what it does is feeds into the fear, feeds into a desire to be distrustful. and what i hope the president will say is no, that person next to you is probably the person who will come to your aid, should there be some other bad guy out there, if you will.
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i mean i think what we really need to do is come together to forge trust and to work again across the world through that lens. not through the lens of fear. and the discourse, the dialogue that we hear coming out of primarily the republican camp is really tearing apart at the fabric. and feeding into the fear. and i think again, what we should do is have a big vigil go out on, you know, the national mall and talk about how we stand together against terrorists. >> all right. good idea. thank you very much. >> thank you. >> appreciate it. >> thanks for having me on. >> bob frank season waiting to talk to us from nice. we'll do that after a short break in our coverage. >> i hear it's very peaceful, very nice place. so my friends advised me to come and they told me it's like a pa paradi paradise. i wanted to see the paradise, but i saw something else. 73% of americans try...
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doesn't seem safe anymore in france. nice is not a big city and it does not attract that much attention. so if this can be a target, anywhere can be a target. >> you heard that one gentleman in the light of the bastille day attacks in nice, death toll, 84, 202 wounded over 50 of those critically. we want to bring back someone who was vital in explaining what was unfolding and what had happened last night in nice. a veteran american tv journalist bob franken is over in nice just staying in a rental apartment, and bob, first time we're able to actually see you. you heard that gentleman say, he doesn't feel that country is safe anymore. while peel would be entitled to that opinion, what's yours? >> reporter: well, i think that there's a feeling worldwide of
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apprehension. i suspect that if they've done some polling on this in the united states, there are people who worry about the safety of living in the united states. certainly in europe, that's the case, certainly in the middle east that's the case. but in particularly in france, you've had some incredibly incendiary death, extreme terrorist incidents, and it would cause people to worry about their safety. which of course, is exactly what the terrorists hope to achieve. >> so bob, with all you're covered, all you've been forced to talk about on television and write about as a journalist, there you are on one of the more beautiful stretches of coastline in the world, looking out over the mediterranean, and can you believe this is what you're standing in the midst of? the aftermath of the death of 84 souls. >> reporter: well, that is exactly the point. we now have sort of suspended
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this belief, we've now come to a point where we don't feel that any place is immune, as beautiful as this place is, it's some place we've come so many times. you now have to always worry that death is just around the corner. >> and bob, what do you think we'll -- how do you think life will change along that promenade? you were talking at length last night. usually crowded with traffic, last night it was a pedestrian mall which made the approach and the presence of that truck so upsetting and so striking. >> reporter: well, and there was a heavy police presence as we discussed last night, brian. that has become the norm just about everywhere in the world. to the point that as we walk to dinner, my wife and i, and we passed policeman after policeman with his automatic weapons we barely made notice. as heavy as the police presence
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was, the terrorists have the ability to surprise. and that's exactly what happened last night. and by the way, i say terrorist with affirmatively because nobody doubts that this was a terrorist act, but they have the ability to surprise. this time it was a truck attack which nobody would have expected. >> bob franken, thank you so much for joining us once again after such an awful, awful run of hours and a long, dark night into daylight along the mediterranean there. we want to talk now with mr. this man. he is a former former intelligence sfls. he is the author of a book called "undercover jihadi" which talks about going from his previous life to the life he's in now. mr. sheik, for our viewers who don't know you, perhaps a brief introduction about the journey you followed.
10:34 am
>> born and raised in canada. grew up with an identity crisis. you know, koran school by night, public school by day. went through a period of radicalization when i was 18. i had a chance encounter with the taliban when i had gone to pakistan in 1995. 9/11 is what turned me away from that extremist thinking. i moved to syria, lived there for two years, studied the religion properly, realized, you know, these interpretations by the extremist is not islam. i came back and signed up with the security intelligence service and boriced undercover on a number of terrorism cases. >> so through the eyes of someone who's been on the inside, what do you make of this suspect at least what we know about him at this hour? what do you make of this decidedly low-tech and to use the term of the trade, impatrol vised, but thoroughly deadly attack? >> well, i mean this is exactly what al qaeda has been calling for in their inspire magazine,
10:35 am
and now isis is doing the exact same thing. and of course, one of the things that we are seeing with isis is they're attracting the lowest hanging fruit possible. this individual, you know, for all the talk about sharia, the never parade, never fasted, domestic abuser, and as your reporters stated, he's got the profile of a thug. and these are the kind of people that are attracted to isis. it's not people who are religiously knowledgeable or observant properly observant muslims. these are the lowest hanging fruit, using the lowest kind of technology to inflict the highest a. damage. >> all right. so what can we ever possibly do to prevent the next guy from getting in the cab of a truck? >> you know, it's very difficult to stop one guy. i mean, you know, single, individuals commit crimes all the time. i don't think the public sl ready to accept the fact that, you know, this is the new normal, quote, unquote with all
10:36 am
the fiekts and wars going on. radicalization increasing, you're going to have more of these. that's just the reality. in terms of what to do physically, you know, you could cordon off certain areas for civilian use. for example, you have concrete pillars that could block civilian pedestrian ways. there are ways, what's called crime prevention through environmental design. you can see it in buildings, and there's a reason why you can't drive up the stairs of a building and drive into the lobby of the building. so there are things that can be put in place, but it costs money. and people need to, i guess in france, they're going to need to step that up a bit more. they did a good job. you know the attack could have been much worse. the grenades found in his vehicle, this is what they did in the paris attacks. they used small armed fire. they lobbed grenades into the public. the police prevented a much larger attack from happening. >> and there's also the -- in what you talk about as part of
10:37 am
the solution, barriers on kind of reinforcing our public biways. that would be a problem where this happened because it is so important to the french and for tourism to have this, this beautiful, lovely ocean front promenade that kind of cascades down several levels from the cafes and hotels down to the street, down another level to the beach. that's the way it's always been, it's the way people want to picture it. the problem, of course, is they'll never picture it quite the same way after last night. >> well, the problem is is that especially with this threat, we're going to have to adapt. not completely change, but we will have to adapt. i mean, you know, i don't know how they will do it over there. maybe they can block vehicular traffic from certain areas. designate certain areas as pedestrian-only. those are some of the things that they will start having to look at doing. the reality is is that, you know, the life that it was
10:38 am
before it is not as it is now. we face a very determined, determined threat. even if it's just lone individual who, you know, a thug, he got divorced, he just decided to go off and kill people, whatever it is, the end result is the same. whether it's a jihadist or just a disgruntled nut job, the end result is the same. so the security procedures in in place need to address both. >> so you've got a lone actor like this, do you think they found him or he found them, using it as an excuse to give his life some worth and how can you ever disrupt that connection, that very initial, very ten ewe reduce dhaex turns the switch that radicalized someone? >> yeah, the problem is that, you know, radicalization is very unique process. it's different for every individual. you know, there's a lot of people who have bad things going on in their life, but they don't shoot people.
10:39 am
it's almost impossible to figure out which individual is going to go off. you know when it comes to the ideology in particular, it's going to come down to religious scholars and the vast majority of religious scholars knead clear. you cannot ab solve yourself of your past sins by killing innocent people. you know, that's not martyrdom, you're not dying for the sake of god by killing women and children. that was never defined as martyrdom. as much as they claim it is, it's not. for those people who are broken, you know, everything -- when you go around with a hammer, everything is a nail. and religion is like a hammer. you know, it can build a home or a destroy a home. depends on how a person will read the sources. the scholars can say what they want and this is the correct interruption, but an individual who is ma lev lant, you have these group groups who are pushing these interpretations. and unless you destroy the groups, and deal with the ideolo ideology, you're in the every going to stop it. >> mr. sheik who went to
10:40 am
canadian security to a young life of radicalization, thank you very much for joining us on the air today. >> thank you for having me. again, domestic politics is occupying some of our time and attention today. as it must, and my friend craig melvin is out in cleveland already getti inting ready to c the convention, ted a it's indiana governor mike pence, trump-pence will be the ticket, craig. >> reporter: and the logo is out, brian. we've seen that here within the past hour or so. it is official, donald trump has picked his number two, not surprisingly, making that announcement via twitter. he will indeed, pence will indeed be the presumptive nominee's running mate, first term governor from indiana. a nod to social conservatives. there it is, the announcement via social media. seconds after trump announced the pick via twitter, the clinton camp already out with a
10:41 am
new video hitting mike pence. here it is. >> are you willing to hold up this entire budget over defunding planned parenthood? >> well, well of course i am. i long for the day that roe v wade is sent to history. the american people don't want comprehensive immigration reform. >> reporter: meanwhile, word coming down the short time ago that hillary clinton, the presumptive democratic nominee today meeting at her d.c. home with folks to talk about who's going to be number two on that ticket. kelly o'donnell has been very closely watching the veep stakes, we have this news conference at 11:00 a.m., what's been the response to pence ahead of that? >> reporter: well the initial reaction is supportive from those member of the republican party who are really in a position to sort of judge how things are going. we've heard from paul ryan calling him a safe and secure choice. ohio governor, john kasich, a
10:42 am
little more muted, calling him a good governor, glad he's a part of this ticket. and a frequent critic of donald trump, arizona senator jeff flake called him an excellent choice and talked about him being a good man and real adigts to the ticket. so in terms of conservatives within the party, this was reassuring. there are those who are looking for a more traditional pick, and that is certainly what this is. and from my reporting i'm told that this is not the kind of pick that really fits the trump brand, but in terms of being the leader of the republican party going forward, this did fit with what many in the party were looking for. something more predictive, something more stable and mike pence does touch the heartland aspect, the conservative christian credibility, a base with donors as well. and so, many of the elected officials in the republican party are definitely saying that they welcome him to the ticket and they also have, i think reacted to the fact this he was
10:43 am
sort of hung out there last night in that interim period where it sure looked like he was the pick, but it wasn't made firm. and i think some of the other republican officials understood that was a tough place to be. so so far, they've been supportive. and as you pointed out, democrats are already -- they have their opo to go on tom of the points that they can challenge pence and his place on the ticket. that was ready and already out there, craig. >> kelly o., what now happens to chris christie, what now happens to newt gingrich? >> reporter: well my reporting says that they have still not received a phone call from donald trump to finalize their place in that process. you know, that's a minute by minute thing i suppose, but when i last checked, there had not been a phone call to discuss the fact that the pence pick was final. it was done. so that's a bit curious. chris christie for example is the head of the transition which is a really behind the scenes role, trying to set up some of
10:44 am
the potential political appointees in a trump administration if they win election. it is a -- kind of a business part of this where he could influence some of those important decisions. newt gingrich can certainly remain a very public surrogate, but for now, the biggest voice added to the trump campaign will need to be mike pence. as the running mate, he will have to be that either fighter for trump, defender of trump, or someone trying to sort of be an ambassador for trump, craig. >> cleveland's own kelly o'donnell back home here in cleveland for the next week or so. kelly, always good to see you. we also now have the headliners that will be speaking at the democratic national convention in philadelphia. week after next, among those speaking, senators bernie sanders, elizabeth warren, president obama, vice president joe biden speaking, the same night, former president bill clinton also speaking. and of course, chelsea clinton speaking on thursday night ahead of her mother. coming up, the latest on the
10:45 am
terror attack in nice. we'll go back to brian williams and talk with former homeland security secretary michael, that's next here on msnbc. we didn't know what happened. truck just blew through a pedestrian walkway. and we're trying to everything everything out. then we heard gunshots and are running. [announcer] is it a force of nature? or a sales event? the summer of audi sales event is here. get up to a $5,000 bonus on select audi models.
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at clorox 2 we've turned removing stains into a science. now pre-treat with clorox 2! watch stains disappear right before your eyes. remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. attacks with vehicles, with trucks like this is becoming far too common a ritual for me. just recently belgium, turkey, and now france. we need to rededicate ourselves to the defeat of terrorist organizations around the world. we face the prospect of terrorist-directed attacks, terrorist-inspired attacks and we need to rededicate ourselves to combatting the terrorist threat to all of our countries. >> that's jeh johnson the secretary of homeland security
10:49 am
and we're happy to be joined by a former secretary of homeland security, former federal judge, former federal prosecutor, michael churnoff is with us on the telephone. good to talk to you again, i'm sorry with the circumstances, and in your opinion, mr. secretary, what do we need to do differently, how should our lives change if at all by the tempo of this. the fact that as a reporter put it in the white house briefing last hour, these are happening now every seven to ten days. we've been very fortunate here in the united states. >> well, first brian obviously we all, you know, share in the sadness that the french people feel over this horrible attack. and it does cause us again to take a look at what we do to protect ourselves. but i think the important thing to emphasize is we shouldn't change our way of life. it would be a victory for the terrorists if people stopped going to public events. i think we need to think about
10:50 am
two elements. first, how do we work, particularly with local institutions to detect a small groups or lone wolves who may be getting getting radicalized and commit acts of violence. this is not the kind of thing you can prevent using the national security intelligence apparatus, which is focused overseas. a the lot of these involved individuals or small groups are simply focused locally maybe getting inspired by the internet. and the second thing we have to think about is how you can respond effectively. you'll not stop all attacks. but the ability to shut an attack down quickly is very, very important in terms of mitigating the damage. as we see in nice, the fact that the authorities were not able to immediately shut down the attack, a significant loss of life. >> what could they have done differently? we have all seen these same
10:51 am
pictures. the promenade along the water that was barricaded and was a pedestrian mall for the night. what could they have done? >> obviously, i recognize how difficult it was and i wasn't there. when you're dealing on a national holiday like bastille day and dealing in a crowded public space, making sure that you have present capabilities that would allow you to respond quickly if there were someone with a gun or someone with a vehicle is probably the best you can do in terms of response. so it requires you to think through particularly on a notable date where there might be a congregation of people. and to have in the vicinity close by the capability in terms of weapons and tools to allow yos to shut something down in a
10:52 am
matter of a minute or two. >> what about the moment where the turning of the screw takes place? the moment where an individual, perhaps a criminal, a thug a loser becomes radicalized. that's kind of a molecular change that we'll never get inside of. you said you'd go through organizations and whatever network you had had at your disposal to find out who the vulnerable are. >> i would. i recognize that there are some people who you'll never detect. they are living in their own world and may become inspired and not talk to anybody. but at least in a number of these cases, people get on social media and talk to other people. their behavior changes perhaps in terms of people in the community. and if that's detected and there's a way for people to bring that to the attention and authorities, you may avert a terrorist attack. we have seen in the past family members come forward and raise an issue about a loved one or
10:53 am
community members come forward and it's important to create an environment that encourages that. >> mr. secretary, thank you very much for making yourself available to us this afternoon. former secretary of homeland security, former federal judge with us by telephone. another break and more political coverage from the site of the upcoming rnc convention in cleveland, right after this. >> my husband was probably only about 50 yards away from us. then we heard gunfire shots, and we literally just ducked down between a truck and van and hid there for a couple minutes while the shooter was going on. he grabbed my hand and we ran. everybody was just running. it was really frantic. for lower back pain sufferers,
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i'm craig melvin back here
10:57 am
in cleveland, ohio, ahead of the repulican national convention. a live look here. there is governor mike pence, now donald trump's number two. trump making it official within the past few hours. let's listen in. i believe we can listen in. do we still have it? e we lost it. but we can tell you that pence was spotted leaving his new york city hotel with his wife. also flanked by trump advisers. he said he was, quote, humbled to be on the ticket. he did not take any additional questions, but pence pence headed here to cland. security for the convention a high priority for officials. secretary johnson touring the site to check security measures. more layers of protection are being added to the convention area. had a conversation a few moments ago with one of the deputy
10:58 am
chiefs of police here. he tells me in light of what's happened in this country and in light of what's happened in nice, france, in the past 24 hours, they are making some changes to the security apparatus here. he would not elaborate. jacob rascon also here. in light of the attack overseas, have you found that properly securing this event has taken on even more urgency? >> they have been preparing for some time, as we know, for this event. they are blocking off different buildings or different streets. it comes in layers. overnight they put new concrete barriers and tonight they will put even more. they are going to block off a lot of the downtown area. some of what i'm hearing from police and from different hospitals, we're visiting all these locations to talk about how they have been preparing for some time for everything from a mass casualty event because of a lone wolf gunman to some sort of
10:59 am
massive blast. they have had these things in mind preparing for a worst case scenario for some time, but to have these incidents so close to the convention makes it more real. and you have today in town the secretary of homeland secretary that was preplanned, but that's top of mind for everybody here. >> jacob rascon, thank you. >> brian, i can tell you that the deputy chief of police here did say that folks who are coming to this part of cleveland, ohio, can expect an increased numb of vehicle checks. perhaps not surprisingly. >> at past conventions in the 9/11 era with the department of homeland security we have seen entire portions of great american cities shut down by the end of the fact they have been selected to host these conventions. we always hope that business owners know what they are in for
11:00 am
when the convention comes to town. craig melvin, thanks. as we start this new hour, 2:00 on the east coast. we are looking at a death toll of 84 in nice, france. overnight the number of injured climbed to 202 with 52 of them critical. also overnight local french hospitals septembnt out a call blood donors. that's been met apparently by volume. people showed up and volunteered. among the dead the 84 dead, at least 10 of them children and teens. 202 injured, 52 critical, 25 currently in intensive care. and about this suspect little was known about him, though now that we have seen how he met his end


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